Bike Commuting to Work - A Newbies Guide

Bike Commuting to Work - A Newbies Guide

The best guides are the one written by people learning themselves. Help me help you and share your thoughts and experience on bike commuting to work. I’m going to start this out by saying, I need to lose weight. Last week after a few Facebook posts and twitter posts from friends talking about bike riding I got this idea in my head that I too can ride my bike and not only that I can ride my bike to and from work. My work is 8 miles away from home doing a 16 mile round trip one day a week may sound easy to some but to me it sounds like a challenge I need to hit head on. Replacing my $6 a day commute with riding a bike isn’t going to save me that much money bit it is going to help me lose some weight, feel better when I arrive at work and have something to look forward to right after work.

I thought I’d take notes publicly and share with you what I’m doing to make my first goal happen. Links and my thoughts will change and be updated on this blog post.

My bike

I bought my Novara Aspen second-hand some 14 years ago. It’s a standard mountain bike with very little bells and whistles on it. It’s a sturdy frame and with annual tune ups I’ve been able to ride it over the years with no problems. Over the years I’ve replaced the seat (for one that is made for a human) a few times as well as the hand grips. Speaking of seats, I also have experience riding a unicycle 🙂

Converting a mountain bike into a commuter

I posted on Facebook about the idea of riding my mountain bike 8 miles one way to work and everyone had an opinion on the subject. The main take away from it is to not buy a new bike and use my existing bike if it gets stolen and to take a change of clothes with me.

I have a few things I need to do to make my mountain bike into a weekly commuter here is my list:

Product Reviews

Video Research

I did a bunch of research on reviews of various things last night. Just like any other geek I read a bunch of reviews, build shopping carts in Amazon and watch my weight in YouTube videos. Here are a few:

Great tips on taking the lane and not getting yourself killed. The production quality of this video sucks and the “but Billy, you really should do it this way” afterschool special stuff is kinda annoying.

My bike has these mounts holes in the back so I’ll be using that method. For those of you that don’t they offer some tips.

Lots more on racks for your bike.

Help me out, leave a comment

I shared with you, please share with me your thoughts on all of this or the gear I’ve picked out to purchase and use for my new adventure of riding my bike to work one day a week. What should be on this list? What are you doing different?