Bios upgrade

So I installed a copy of SiSoft Sandra on Tuesday and had it do a diagnostic on my machine just to see what sort of performance I am getting. Sandra indicated that my system bios was old and that I may benefit by upgrading it. I abliged and went to the motherboard manufacturers website to look for an upgrade. It was around 11pm and I was tired I may have clicked on an add for a bios or the manufacturer redirected me to it with out me knowing but I ended up at where you can run their free tool to find what bios I was running and where to download it to upgrade. I was stoked that it was that easy, but unfortunatly it wasnt. They asked for an email address, so i gave them one of my gmail addys so I wouldnt get spammed. After that the site said it was submitting my data to and they would have a rep look over my order. Order? WTF? umm ok whatever. Fastforward to Yesterday, I check my gmail and sure enough I got an email from them:


Thank you for submitting your Flash BIOS update request on-line yesterday.
Your Flash BIOS update Case # is XXXX.
Please call me today regarding your BIOS update request and reference your case number XXXXX.
I have a question or two regarding your computer. Your technical information will be in front of me, so there’s no need to be at your PC when you call.
On Thursdays you can reach me until 7:30PM(EST).
Thank you,

Technical Representative
1-800-XxX-XxXx x XxX        (toll free)

So I called the phone number they left and asked for the “Technical Representative” they assigned me to. Here is how the convo went:

Gene: eSupport Gene speaking
Me: hello, My name is Jason and I submitted an inquiry on your website using the software you have for download there.
Ok, whats your email?
SIR the email you submitted from
oh sorry, umm abstrakone at gmai….
Sir, why would you give me the other email address? You didnt submit the bios request from that email address
(me thinks.. what? I didnt even give him the full address, ok so he did a partial search.. ok whatever)
Anyhow, so your looking for a bios upgrade for your computer?
Yes this is my first time ever upgrading one on a Foxconn motherboard so I was looking around to see how it all wor…
Sir, whats your intention for this upgrade?
Excuse me? Umm, I just wanted to make sure it was upgraded, my last motherboard had the option to upgrade it within the software supplied, and the bios came straight from the motherboard maker
Sir, you realize we SELL custom made bios’ our bios run anywhere between 50 to 75 dollars.
Umm, well, your website reads as if the motherboard company uses you to provide the upgrades, I didnt think someone would sell an upgraded one. Why would you sell something that the motherboard company would give away for free?
Sir, we sell them…
Yeah this isnt right, bye.

What the hell? they SELL bios upgrades? My last 2 motherboards came with apps that flashed it on the fly in windows. Weird.. I didnt really have a REASON to upgrade, but I thought I would give it a shot. That was just odd i tell ya.