Black Friday list from an IT Guy

Black Friday list from an IT Guy

Black Friday tips from an IT Guy. I’ve had so many people ask me for my opinion on what tech to buy so here is my list:

I like Apple. Buy a MacBook. You don’t like Apple or it’s too expensive? We use Lenovo at my work too, get something with Windows 8.1 and at least 8gb of ram. Buy a Mac 🙂 buy office student edition, it’s cheap.

Cell phone for your kid? I like Apple, buy an iPhone 5c, I like blue. Don’t like Apple? I also have an HTC One, it runs Android. The Galaxy S5 is also pretty hot.

Tablets? IPads? I like Apple, buy an iPad or an iPad Mini. I like black. Buy iPad or iPad mini and whatever apps you buy on the iPhone above can be downloaded again on the iPad if you login with the same account. Don’t like Apple? I do, I’ve never used an Android tablet. Buy Apple if you bought an iPhone above.

What provider should I use? We have verizon, AT&T sucked where we live and I work. We left our unlimited plan at AT&T for a 6gb metered plan with verizon. Spend the $5 month and limit you kids data usage, overages suck. Sprint has unlimited everything, their coverage sucks says Brandon Tucker he drives around for a living and uses sprint for work.

Apparently all I know is technology no one asked me about cars, clothes or football. Jennifer likes the Cowboys. 😉

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