Brain Dump

Here is some random things I’m thinking about:

  1. $: Lets not go there. 🙁
  2. Friends: I’m excited about Steve coming down for the Expo and hanging with me. It’s crazy how he and I spent sooooo much time together back in the day; working together,  hanging out after work, hanging out at lunch and on the weekends. Then we both move away from each other and were still the best of friends. Recently Jen and I talked about something that I call a “life friend”. This is where you have a friend that you’re so close to you could almost do anything and they would still be there for ya. Steve is one of my “life friends” and I’m glad that physical distance doesn’t keep us apart. The last time I saw him was at his wedding a few years back.
  3. Work:  I’m not sure what I got myself into but the next couple of weeks are going to crazy for me. I have 5 new computers to deploy with no set date when it needs to happen (thank god). After thats done I need to rebuild the old replaced machines to go out into the warehouse and lock them down so our warehouse workers don’t surf the web on them or use the machine to listen to music. I also have 3 new network switches to umm switch out and new cabling to run from these switches to the servers. We (meaning me) will be launching the new company website once our beta testing stage is complete. I need to remove SCO unix from one of our servers and replace it with  W2K3 and install MS SQL for a database move. Lastly I’ll be watching over a database move from one server to another that one of our contractors will be doing and then verify that various applications can still access the DB. I’m expecting all of this to happen on or before the 15th of next month.
  4. Kid 1: It trips me out to think that Caitlin is ALMOST a teenager. Shes going to middle school already and has “classes” with multiple teachers and all that other more grownup stuff. Man kids grow up fast. Next up she gunna want to go to a dance or formal and I’m going to have to play the dad on most movies where the “boy” and the dad sit down and have a talk. I’m dieing to ask the boy “So what are your intentions with my daughter?” hopefully he doesn’t say “I’ll have her by home midnight” as they are walking out the door. Looks like I’ll need to take my step dad up on his offer on letting me borrow his pump shotgun. That should scare the boys away. 🙂
  5. Kid 2: Chris is doing great in football. His team is kicking ass and taking names. First game was: Us 35 / Cypress 6 then Us 13 / Yorba Linda 6 then Us 31 / Pasadena 0 then Us 30 / Saddleback Valley 0. I told you they were kicking butt!
  6. Kid 3: Jessalyn is starting to walk which brings on all sorts of new monitoring skills us mommies and daddies need to learn. Jen has had to deal with that 2 previous times but this is my first time. Chris was just getting out of diapers and already walking when I started dating Jen so I missed out on all of that jazz. It’s time to re-read the Toddler Owners Manual.
  7. Geek: I installed Mint on GeekFit, I hope to get lots of fun stats from it. Lets see what all it can track…. mouah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  8. Cry for help: Are you a friend of mine, or a reader of my blog/livejournal? Then you know me and you know how much I love doing GeekFit. I wanna HEAR what you have to say about GeekFit. Please give our voicemail a call and tell me what you like/don’t like/like to hear more of: 206-350-4348, the call is practically free if you use your cellphone and is 100% free if you use skype.
  9. Plug: If your into fitness and tracking your weight and workouts go and signup for, I’ll see you there.

Ah, I feel better now 🙂