Yesterday at 4:30 my Mom calls to tell me that Brandon (my younger brother) is being released today on his own recognances. He did what is known as “a county year” so they gave him the option he chose to be let out. My brother was busted for a number of things you can read more about it at the site I created for him:

Unfortunatly even though he has been released he still has to go back on December 1st for sentencing. His lawyer has stated that one of two things may happen: The county year will count towards a 1 year sentencing and he wont have to spend any more time in jail OR he’ll have to do 2 years which equals around 5 more months to make for 2 county years. This whole system is wacked out but at least we know what he’s looking at unlike how the last 8 months have been like.

Now today he has to go see a probation officer and begin a slew of bs to make sure he stays clean and has a job.

Wish him luck and go visit his site: