Crappy Morning

Its raining today here in SoCal. I hopped into the mustang and headed off to work. I passed a gas station then went about another mile or so and the car started grunting and popping. I look down at the gas gauge and sure enough.. I’m out! E… yup, E.. F is Full and E is Empty. Unfortunately while the car was pooping out I panicked and attempted to get to the side of the road and make a turn at a stoplight. Well since I was going up a hill and 1/2 way into a turn I was blocking traffic behind me as well as pissing off people in front of me. This Toyota Pre-Runner saw my frustration and noticed I was trying to push my car around the corner (ON A HILL  as well.. IN THE RAIN). He backed up and produced a tow rope and proceeded to hook me up to his truck and tow me around the corner. He said “I’d give you a ride to get gas, but were late for class”. I was greatful to even get that much help I said “thanks guys I got it from here”. I took out the 5 gal gas can from the trunk and started walking down the hill to the gas station. 10 mins into it I called work, then continued my walk to Whittier Blvd. I filled up the can to 4gals, so I wouldn’t have to carry 5 gallons of gas and then headed back up the hill.

I got in to work at 9:15. Uhhhhggghh.  Yay! Its Friday!