Day 2

It took a bit of effort (and a kick from Jen) to wake up at 5:45 this morning. Lucky I prepped my stuff this last night so I just had to change clothes and grab my stuff and go. I ate 1 cup of cereal this morning so I have something in me before I worked out. I did the circuit training which is suppose to be 25 minutes, I ended up taking longer to learn the machines, and didn’t do them 2 times each like I was suppose to. I end up doing some other machines to get a good mix in. After that I went and tried the elliptical machine again. Man, I suck at that machine still. I gave up on it before i killed myself or embarrassed myself more and did 30 solid minutes on the recumbent cycle which was a pretty good work out. I headed back home and got ready, then took off for work. I got here at 7:15 (rain + 66 mustang with crappy brakes = accident waiting to happen).