Dish called..

My local Dish network installer called and said that my ViP622 came in today but the Dish 1000 antenna and switchbox didnt come in. He said hes expecting some to be coming in early next week. For the people out there looking to get a ViP622 box, it looks like DishNetwork is backlogged since they JUST released this HD DVR to the public in early Feb. For all of you that have an HD box and would like to upgrade to a DVR, you can and you may want to wait until April where they will be doing a HD DVR upgrade for a cheaper fee instead of having to put the full amount (or a WAY lesser amount like I’m paying).
This new setup were getting from dish will upgrade us from Standard Def to High Ddef content and give us 22 extra channels of HD as well as a dual tuner DVR that supports OTA content too.