Dish Network Update

I did some further research on the Dish Netowork HD topic I recently posted about and I wanted to make some corrections. First off the previous info I got from them was through my local reseller/installer. Second was that this info is quite new (they were told about it at the first of Feb) so I couldnt expect them to have EVERYTHING right. So I ended up calling Dish directly to ask them about their HD DVR’s and other HD offers. From what I was told you can upgrade from standard to HD or do what I wanted and upgrade our standard 2 room non DVR to a HD DVR and switch them around so the new one ends up in our living room and our old DVR is in the kids rooms. For us to upgrade it is $299.99 (including installation & dish antenna) plus they will knock off the $10 buck DVR fee if we go with the EVERYTHING + HD package ($99.99 a month). This revised $299.99 charge for the settop HD box makes more sense than the $7XX cost they quoted me at the resaler. I’m thinking we’ll start off without it for a bit then end up adding it in fustration of a crappy quality non HD feed. I have other issues with Dish that I need to work out anyhow. Not to get on a rant or anything but we pay 5 bucks per box because we dont have a phone line in our home and the boxes are “required” to be connected to a phone line to call home. LAME.. I thinking of doing 1 of 2 things to remedy this. One being some device that will connect my cellphone to the dish boxes so satisfy their need for the devices to ping them, or get Vonage and have them use that to call home whenever they want. Unfortunatly using my neightbors line would work since they check what number the call is coming from and well, I dont wanna have to deal with all that mess.

Anyhow, so $299.99 for the upgrade to HD DVR or 49.00 if we didnt want the DVR and just went with straight HD. My wife and I love our DVR so i doubt we’ll be giving that up soon.

I still want to hear your HD storys.. what are you doing to get an HD feed into your HDTV??!?!