Playing in the street

Playing in the street 2

I spent a lot of my time as a kid outside playing. I wasn’t much of a sports person (I’m still not) but I really enjoyed being outside. Playing with the neighbor kids and goofing off was the best. Today I caught Jess outside with her friend playing ball next to the curb, I thought…

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What is Family?

What is Family? 4

I’ve been thinking about this recently and I wanted to lay it all out there and define what Family means to me. You see recently for some reason my kids have been talking about relationships within our family and figuring out who is what and applying labels to them all. I overheard a discussion with…

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World of Color

World of Color 6

Last night we got a phone call from my Jen’s friend Christie telling us that she got fastpasses to see World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure for her whole family but they got tired and didn’t want to use them. She invited Jen to go with her and I asked Jen that if they…

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