Favorite iPad 2 apps

Below are some of my current iPad 2 apps I’m using. Links to be added soon!

Productivity & Utilities

  • Evernote
    Great application for documenting notes which works great on the iPhone 4 camera. This doesnt work well with the iPad’s lackluster camera(s)
  • Notes Plus
    Excellent  app for taking text and hand drawn notes.
  • VNC
    VNC protocol based remote access application. This allows me to access computers and servers on my network from the iPad 2.
  • Pages
    By far the best way to create, view and edit documents on iPad 2. This works with Dropbox using the DropDav service.
  • Plain Text
    Dropbox compatible note taking application
  • PhotoSync
    By far THE BEST application for moving photos from one device to another. You can sync photos to/from the computer, to/from an iOS device and to Flickr as well. It also allows you to send the more than one file at a time.
  • Remote HD
    This is a decent app for doing VNC on a windows or mac computer. It also works with AppleTV and allows for hacked Original Apple TV (Gen 1) to do Air Play from and iOS device. Very nice 🙂
  • Dropbox
    Client for connecting to the Dropbox service.
  • Diptic
    Simple app for creating photo collages using a comic book style cell layout. You can take a photo with the device, select from the photo album, from Facebook or Flickr.
  • Wolfram
    The leader is getting questions answered fast.
  • Holler Gram
    Great app for when you are at a conference and want to get your point across. This app lets you display in BIG and BOLD letters things like: “LIKE”, “UNLIKE”, “AOL WOULD BUY THAT”, “NEXT!”, “LOUDER”, “I’M TWEETING THE CRAP OUT OF THIS”, “I WROTE A BLOG POST 6 MONTHS AGO ABOUT THIS”, “SMILE, YOU’RE ON THE BACK CHANNEL” and everyones favorite “FTW”
  • Netflix
    Streaming video service for watching TV and Movies.


  • Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4
  • Dungeon Hunter 2 HD
  • Little Things
    Think Where’s Waldo on a Waldo made of Waldos. The game provides you a list and you much locate the hidden objects from a shape made out of other objects. Great looking game and really fun to play with little kids.
  • WackaMonsta
    Classic game of shoot the ball from the bottom so it touches 3 or more balls of the same color above to make them disappear. Fun and easy game for kids.
  • My Coloring Book HD
    21st century coloring book. Think paint tool meets coloring book, stay in the lines every time!
  • TowerMadness
    Best tower defense game for the iPad, great HD graphics and a fun “alien stealing livestock” theme.
  • Cut The Rope
    Teach your kids physics by trying to feed a monster candy suspended by rope.
  • Angry Birds
    Yay more physics games. Birds vs Pigs where you shoot birds from a slingshot to break down the barn where the pigs live. If you kill off all the pigs you go to the next level.
  • Jenga HD
    It’s the classic Jenga game but now for the iPad. Finally no more cleanup!
  • Blocks Classic
    Classic brickout style game for the iPad.

News & Stuff

  • Flipboard
    Clean and slick app for reading the news. Limited to only so many feeds currently but works well with flickr, facebook and twitter along with MANY websites.
  • NewsRack
    My new fave RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader.
  • Reeder
    My second favorite Google sync’ing feed reader. I like the iPhone version better which is why I use NewsRack instead.
  • BBC News
    Got an app for that
  • USA Today
    Got another app for that
  • Stanza
    eBook reader and works really well
  • iBooks
    Apple created book reader which supports PDF. I love this app, it really works well!
  • Kindle
    My wife reads using a Kindle, I thought I’d give this a try too
  • Whittier Daily News eEdition
    My local newspaper in digital format. It looks like they do a great job of OCR’ing the paper.
  • CNN
    More app’tacular goodness

Social Networking

  • Twitter
    The official Twitter client for iPad.
  • Friendly
    Non official Facebook application for iPad.
  • Trinkle
    Full screen large text twitter display client.