Feed the Demon some RSS (or that poor Atom fellow)

So both Xinu and I gave up on ReBlog and have switched over to FeedDemon. We both craved for more features to be added to ReBlog but we didn’t see them surfacing in the near future so we switched. FeedDemon is a RSS aggregator that runs on the WinXP and is created by the same guy that wrote HomeSite as well as Topstyle. FeedDemon is constantly being worked on by Nick Bradbury and another new version of it is set to come out pretty soon. FeedDemon has the ability to not only pull in and let you read RSS content from blogs and other RSS/Atom capable sites, but also allow you to download Podcasts (or anything in a RSS enclosure any way). I’d suspect Xinu will be doing a write up on it on his site about it pretty soon here.

2 thumbs up from me!