Fourth of July 2012 - Videos and Photos

Fourth of July 2012 - Videos and Photos
Chris getting massive air off the diving board

This year for Fourth of July we had some friends over at my mother-in-law’s house to swim in her pool. Our son and my wife have been working like crazy to get the backyard looking nice for the event.
During the party I used this cheap yet VERY effective yellow waterproof case that has a plastic membrane on both sides of the iphone and sandwiches it in. Anyhow this case is pretty neat in that it has about a 1/4 inch of space to spare. After some time I thought I’d try out the iPro Lens that I reviewed for Beatweek at the beginning of this year and see if I could make the fisheye lens work for it and I did!

Most of the photos I took were either in the waterproof case with no lens or on a tripod with a lens (I used the wide angle lens when I wanted to get a wider shot, I used the fisheye for effect while in the pool with the waterproof case on)

Here is a youtube video playlist that I shot in HD, if the HD doesn’t work click the little gear and pick 720 or 1080 and it will show in HD.


If you want to see the videos of share any of them individually on facebook or whatever click here:

I took well over 2000 pictures and cut them down to about 700 or so that I liked. I couldn’t find it in me to lose some of the cool frames from the action shots 🙂

if that slidehow link doesn’t work click here:

And here is the remaining pictures from the pool and some from pics of fireworks over in La Habra High School

If that slideshow link doesn’t work click here: