Friday’s RMR Test


Friday after work I went and had my RMR (rested metabolic rate) tested at my 24 Hour Fitness. I went and bought the BodyGem attachement (by healthetech) for $19.99 and met up with the personal trainer to begin testing. She took me into the back room where they do the testing (so you don’t feel as if everyone is looking at you). We sat down and discussed the test, then she calibrated the machine and put the part that I bought onto the end of it. She told me it should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes of my just breathing normally until the machine would beep. I pinched my nose with the supplied pinchers and began the 10 mins of breathing. 8 mins into it the machine beeped signaling that the test was complete. She read the results: RMR: 2160 calories per day. She then took my measurements and did the pinch test for body fat and then calculated the results: Current weight: 251, 30% body fat, 75 lbs body fat, 176 total lean mass, ideal body fat 20%, 25 lbs needed to lose to reach next milestone.

From what the “Body Fat Chart” states I’m “unhealthy” which is Body Fat %: 22+. Fair is 18-22, Average: 15-17, Lean 11-14 and Very Lean: under 11.
For reference, I was 12% body fat my senior year of HS, but I was also a twig.