Google Glass privacy controversy: all it needs is a little red light

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the Glass Explorers community on Google+ about the on-board camera Google Glass. The discussions I’m interested in particularly have to do with the idea of having a red light on Glass to indicate that the camera is recording video. We’ve all seen these lights on various cameras through the years and didn’t think much of them. When smartphones came out no one really noticed how the camera didn’t have a red status light next to the lens. There have been countless times where I have recorded people in a public place using my iPhone and never heard much from people about it. My iPhone doesn’t have a red light and it doesn’t have to make a noise when taking a picture.

In that Google+ community people have talked about integrating a white light near the lens to act as a status light and as a flash or video light. I somewhat like this idea but more so for the lighting of that area I’m recording or photographing not to warn people around me of my intent to record.

As I talked about in a earlier post we are recorded all day almost every day in various ways, be it accidental photobombing to taking money out of the ATM there is a camera recording our every move.

A few people also posted about how they thought a lens cap would be helpful but people stated that if you can’t turn the camera on instantly then what is the use of wearing Glass? Others talked about attaching a chain or rope to it so you can wear Glass like a necklace when you done using it, the same person commented before had the same response. If he can’t flip the device on instantly what is the use?So would a red light on Google Glass calm folks down that have a beef with the soon to be released device? Would it change their minds about us “cyborgs”?

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