Google Glass

Google Glass

Reading my RSS feeds this morning I found Stuck In Customs posted about Google Glass and it compelled me to search for photos of me getting my Google Glass fitted in Santa Monica with my son and all the photos of me looking at someone trying on my Google Glass... so weird.

I ended up with so many photos of me from other people taking a photo of me. I'd imagine that anyone else that got Google Glass also has lots of photos of them looking at the person using the Glass and explaining to them how to use them. Google Glass, the $1500 head visor that let other people take pictures of the owner.

I also ended up with lots of photos of me driving with both hands on the wheel.. this was an early flex I suppose.

In total 870 photos may of them are photos of my kids at Disneyland and lots of photos of me doing this.

And was a hit at WordCamp SF

With lots of BTS shots while I was recording video with Sé Reed

If I had to highlight a few photos its the ones of me and my kids where im just taking a picture while we were doing something fun

Or doing something 2 handed

I have so many videos of me explaining how to take a video with the thing as well