Google Maps + Sex offenders shows you how close they are to your kids and YOU!

I found this on digg: has a google maps interface for the Sex Offenders database. Instead of doing a screenshot of my house I did one for Disneyland so you can get an idea of the results they come up with.

Give it a look, and know your neighbors even if you don’t have kids (Sex offenders come after adults too you know).

One quick note that does bother me about all this and I’ll quote a few people from Digg because it hits a few good points:

ksgant: “I mean, “sex offender” can cover a lot of things that are NOT harmful to children. For instance, if some lonely guy wants to hire an escort service for just some human contact, if it’s a police sting operation and he gets arrested he can be labeled a sex offender. “

chiller2002 “… Public “lewd acts” can get you registered for life. I’m talking about a couple in a car in a park after hours. Yeah sure, citation them and all, but that does not mean they deserve to be hunt & killed. We can’t depend on our justice system to filter out the anomalies. “

Peetem Yep – it’s EZ…..let’s count the ways:

1) Break the law

Yep, that was EZ.

There are just some people that find no fault with any crime. Hey, it’s only sex, right? What’s the big deal right?

Let’s see how ez it is the break the law and end up on this list. Let’s figure out how many under-age folks engage in law-breaking, consenual, and sexual behavior a day. OK – let’s say in my town of 13,000 it’s 200 people every day. How many of them will end up in this database? ZERO!! Per capita, it’s probably not much more than zero in even big cities (100,000+).

I was busted by a cop when I was a teenager. He asked my date if she was ok. She grinned and replied “yes”. Guess what? He smiled and left us alone…..

Folks – 99.99% of these people broke some serious laws here and got them pleaded down to “lewd acts” of “exposing” and other such nonsense. Urinating in public might get you busted, but not on this list – you plead it down, pay a fine, and go home happy if your caught peeing in public.

Don’t be silly folks – liberty isn’t being broken here – cylces of abuse are…..