How to get more user interactions with your Google Hangout On Air event

I  host a WordPress video show called WPwatercooler, we record weekly and I try to promote the heck out of the episodes we put out each week. While promoting I’m always looking for more ways to get the word out regardless of the extra amount of work that it takes me. Lets talk through some of the latest ways I’ve been promoting that may help you get more views and live interactions for your event.

Leverage Google+ events

Once you associate your Google+ page (or account) with a YouTube channel and are verified you can now do a Google Hangout On Air (stream straight to YouTube). I’ve talked about this here Live Streaming events using Google Hangout, now in HD! but we’re going to change things a bit by scheduling your event early to get your audience to promote your event for you and so they will be reminded by Google that your event is coming up. During the Google Hangout On Air event creation process you can invite people to the event and they will be notified when the event is live.  To do this you’ll want to schedule the Hangout On Air event, watch the video to see how:

Now we can customize the event a bit further with some flair:

Pressing the +1 on the event and sharing it with people will draw more people to it.

Setup Q&A

Setting up the Q&A for your event will let your viewers ask you questions that the other viewers can vote on. During the recording of the hangout you can view these questions and answer them. They can add more questions as the event progresses and you as the host can favorite the ones that you like.

Try scheduling your next event and see if Q&A helps with getting people to interact with the show in realtime or even before the event. Leave me a comment below with how this works out for you.