How to install LivePress for Wordpress

How to install Livepress:

Below is the version I’m running 1.2.0, the lastest version he released doesn’t work (or at least I couldn’t get it to work). I’m all for using the latest and greatest, but if it doesn’t work why bother.

  1. Download: Livepress 1.2.0
  2. Extract the files and upload them to the webserver, below is how the directory structure should look like:

  3. Once that has been loaded, edit lpsync.config.php and paste in your password as the instructions in the file indicate.
    /www/wp-content/plugins/LivePress/LivePress/lpsynch.config.php :

    Below is the way mine looks. “abstrakone” is my username on LJ, and “admin” is my username on my WordPress.

  4. Once you do that go into your admin page and go to Plugins and enable the plugin.

    Only 1 Livepress plugin should be listed, If more are listed you messed up and put them in the wrong folders as I have instructed above.