How to use SoundCloud for podcast hosting

Hosting your podcast with a reliable host will insure you that your listeners are downloading from a reputable company, they will have fast downloads and that each download is tracked. In this video I go over how to take a recently uploaded mp3 file to SoundCloud and turn on a few settings so that the file can be downloaded or used in a podcast.

In the video I mention that I don’t use the RSS feed feature as my “podcast feed” in iTunes (or any other aggregator) because I believe that I should “own my feed”. Owning your feed means that if I ever want to switch podcast media hosts that I can and my feed isn’t bound to them. Switching feeds isn’t fun and you can lose a lot of listeners if not done right.

I use a plugin for WordPress called PowerPress that generates iTunes compatible podcast feeds and I reference the url of the SoundCloud hosted mp3 file. This video explains how to find the mp3 url and make it easy for you to put it into PowerPress.

Own your feed using these tips and let me know in the comments how this works out for you.