HowTo: Winamp with Album covers

Mos Def – “Like, come on now ock, what you expect? /
Got a month’s paycheck danglin’ off your neck”

For the longest Ive wanted to be able to see the album graphic that is embedded in my mp3. (WHAT? album covers are embedded in mp3? NO WAY. YES WAY, it can be done, grab a copy of The GodFather and get your learn on, on how to add album covers to your mp3s).

So, how do you do this? well, grab a copy of “WA5 Cover Plugin” if you use Winamp and then load up the Video window and there you go, album covers.

And an added bonus, most GOOD podcasts (the ones listed on Itunes) have the itunes cover in the mp3! Cool stuff!

While were on the winamp plugins tip, give Last.FM a try, good stuff (I’ll touch more on this later, so add me to your friends list on there so I can see what you listen to durning the day).