Icelandic Baby Names

I was reading a post on about naming conventions that other customs use (or use to use). Did you know that in Iceland they use a patronymic or matronymic naming convention to figure out what surname a child will have?  So what is Patronymic naming any how? Well, that means that your last name is an indicator of who your parent is and not a family name. So if I was Icelandic Jessalyns name would be Jessalyn Jasondóttir (or Jessalyn Jenniferdórrir if it sounded better (well neither does luckily were not from Iceland)). So Christian would be named Christian Isaccson. dóttir meaning daughter and son meaning son.

As intrigued as the guy from daddytypes was I too did some more reading and learned that the marital status isn’t explained in the naming of the person which makes it hard to tell if the mom and dad are married. There is also talk about a name book which I havent got into just yet.

You can read up more on patronymic naming of surnames here (they also have some examples of names and laws dictating what can and cant be used now):