iPhone 7 release date Sept 2015, iPhone 6S in April w/ Apple Watch

Will Apple hold a release date for the iPhone 6S this year, or will it jump straight to the iPhone 7 in 2015? How about both. We’re continuing to hear from our supply chain source that Cupertino is seriously considering accelerating the pace of iPhone releases in order to align with the iWatch, which is being targeted for April 2015, such that the iPhone 6S will debut alongside it – and that the iPhone 7 could in turn arrive before next year is finished as well. – The reasons for Apple to invoke such duality are multiple. First, it allows the iWatch launch to be bolstered by the arrival of a brand new iPhone 6S model, giving added motivation to those who have been putting off their smartphone upgrade cycle, though with a model not so radically different as to upset those who have just bought the iPhone 6. – Those who are set to become upgrade-eligible in the spring are apt to put off their next iPhone purchase until the new model traditionally arrives in the fall. – But in doing so, they’d be deciding to stick with an older iPhone which may not be compatible with the Apple Watch. So by offering the 6S at the same time as the watch, and giving customers motivation to move to an iPhone that’s iWatch-compatible, Apple would be boosting sales for both product lines.

From there, the performance of the iPhone 6S during the summer would determine whether Apple would give the iPhone 7 a release date in September of 2015 or whether it would save it for the spring of 2016, thus permanently shifting the iPhone to an annual spring cycle.

Launching both new iPhones next year would also allow Apple to quickly transition away from its iPhone 5/S/C models, which the public has largely judged to be too small, instead allowing Apple to offer larger models at every pricing point on the product matrix.

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