Is Elon building WeChat for everyone else? Twitter is now X

Is Elon building WeChat for everyone else? Twitter is now X

I had a feeling this is what was going to happen with Twitter. Elon is revisiting which in 2000 merged with Confinity and turned into PayPal. After watching what Elon is doing lately it looks like he’s trying to build out a WeChat for everyone else (outside of China) using existing plays in various spaces on Twitter and adding in financials. Here is me throwing a few things against the wall to see what sticks.

He really wants to build this financial ecosystem. He changed the twitter logo to Dogecoin logo, wants to have his SpaceX and Tesla employee live in “company towns” he’s working on one called Snailbrook. Company towns day were towns that folks would be paid in a currency used in the town called company scrip, it looks he’s even testing this by living in a small home on site as well. Now he is circling back to X and and wants to build out an everything app. has has the single X in the source code since 2017 and hasn’t changed since then.

So is Elon trying to build a WeChat for the rest of us? It looks like that may be the case with Twitter already having many of the features that WeChat has just not as vast. Here is what I have found regarding WeChat and what I think Elon may be working towards using the existing infrastructure.

Messaging and CallingTwitter Spaces
WeChat Location SharingPer post
QR CodesNothing as vast as WeChat currently
WeChat Search EngineSearch for Twitter content
WeChat Moments / News FeedTwitter Moments Twitter News
WeChat Official AccountsTwitter Verification Blue Checkmark
WeChat StoresTwitter Shops
WeChat Mini ProgramsAPI access?
WeChat ArticlesTwitter Top Articles
WeChat AdvertisementsTwitter Ads
WeChat CRM
WeChat VideoTwitter video / Periscope

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.