Jessalyn turned 2 on the 25th!

Jessalyn turned 2 on the 25th of this month. We spent the morning watching her favorite cartoons, Uncle Brandon got her a tricycle and watched her brother play football. Later in the day we sang Happy Birthday and she got to rip into her presents. She tried to burn herself a few times with the candle on the cake but no hospital visits were needed 🙂

I took a picture of her every so often to make a “Day in the Life of Jessalyn” using 247 pictures click the link below to check that out:

A Day in the Life of Jessalyn

I tried to teach Jessalyn how to ride her new trike, it didn’t go as well as I planned. The seat was too far back for her little legs to reach the pedals all the way. Some adjustments to the trike were in order. Now she can touch but is having a hard time getting the mechanics down. Later  we went to go get some “pink” ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery “Da Da, Pink ice” *point point*. So we had some strawberry ice cream and then visited her Great Grandma. We had a good time over there, she’s still quite as a mouse when we get there then 5 minutes before we leave shes talking up a storm. I think if my grandma wants to hear Jess speak shes gunna need to come over to our house!

Jen should be putting the finishing touches on the Jessalyn’s 2 Year Recap like she did last year:

1 year later

I’ll post a link to her posting about the 2 year mark when she’d done with it. All these things and more are on