Mid Weekend update


I won $50 on the office football pool so I treated the family to pizza at All Star Pizza. The family deal was good as usual. Isaac took Chris to his place and Caitlin invited her friend over for the weekend since shes moving and this would be one of the last times they will get to hang our together like this.

I woke up having issues talking, My throat is pretty jacked up today. I called Amazon and talked to someone in india who explained that they cant give me any info about tracking my TV since they are using a special carrier. I finally got an email back with a link and a way to do tracking. I’m not sure what the deal is with the link since it keeps saying invalid login. Oh well. Caitlin had softball pictures today, since it was raining they did the pictures indoors. I stayed home with Jess and we watched some TV.
The 5 of us (Caitlin, Her friend, Jen, Jessalyn and myself) all went to my parents house in Norco to hang out. The Girls were bored but they finally found entertainment in the back house. Since my mom and step dad are moving we wanna try and see them as much as we can. My mom went over some of the layouts they like for their new house. It looks like they found some cool ones. We hand dinner with the fam and I hung out for a few with my bro. We ended the evening looking at their property in AZ using Google Earth. Unfortunatly the sat images are old and very low res. Thats what you get for living in the boonies.

We got home and I have about 5 seconds worth of voice until it cuts out into a whisper. Sucks… I hope I regain it tomorrow after tonights rest. We watched some shows on the DVR and then Jen called it a night. I’m staying up a bit to see if I can find some tracking info on any of my shippments. I kinda doubt I’ll be successful.

It looks like the bed on QVC’s site is claiming it will arrive 3/6 and the foundation on 3/3.  Maaaaaaannnn that sounds like a long time from now. I’ve read on Amazon that most of the TV’s arrive in just under a week. We’ll see how that plays out.