My tech savvy daughter and the iPhone

My daughter is 3 years old amazes me to no end when it comes to her and technology. Yesterday Jen and I were upstairs in bed watching TV and Jess comes in and asks to play with my iPhone. I had it over and she begins flipping around the screens looking for “Mr Chalky” which is what she calls iChalky. She finds it and loads it up and begins playing with it while lying between Jen and I. Jess grabs the guy and moves him around, then uses the push pin object to pin the arms and legs of the guy down so those ligaments are unable to be moved. She grabs the torso and flicks it up and watches his body wiggle like crazy. She presses the swirl icon and sees a list of words that she can even begin to read. Shes selecting this and that and find the area she wants “Change Chalky’s Face” after that she selects from memory “Use a photo in your album” and finds one of herself from the selectable interface. Shes giggling that she found a funny one then attempts to move the head around the opening so her head will show up to replace Chalky’s. The photo she picked isn’t the best one without some finagling but she selects it anyway. After that she is laughing and shows Jen and I what she did.

So I showed her how to use the pinch method to resize and zoom into the photo a bit. Nows shes a pro, going in there and selecting her favorite victim, Caitlin her 13 year old sister and pinning her down and poking and proding at her.

Another thing that happened this weekend is that Jessalyn realized that she did something bad when she tried to play KidPix on her computer. She came rushing in to the room I was in saying “Pidkick is broke.. dad help”. She was holding the Stylus in her hand and I noticed that the “nub” was missing from the front of it. I took her in the room and tried to get it to work. Without the nub the tablet doesn’t know that your “clicking” and it thinks your only moving it around like a mouse. Jess said “I’m sad that its lost, lets fix it”. Annoyed both at it being missing and for her pulling it out I looked for a stop gap solution. Walking around the bedroom I looked on the ground I found this 1″-1.5″ piece of wicker of some sort. I stuff that into the tip of the stylus and sure enough it worked perfectly. After looking online I found that you can get a 5 pack of replace nubs for $5 from the maker so that not so bad.

[blipit id=554310]
Jessalyn playing KidPix with the tablet