New iMac

I’ve finally joined the Rebellion, I bought my first apple computer last week. It arrived yesterday at work and like a 5 year old kid I tore into it and set it up to make sure nothing was damaged during transport. Last thing I want is a dead pixel or 3.

New iMac 20Multimedia messagePhoto 2.jpgPhoto 3.jpgFlickrBooth photobooth

Ok, so PhotoBooth works fine… After work I took the computer home and got it all setup.


Yes, more photobooth madness, I found an addon for PhotoBooth called FlickrBooth that will auto upload (or upload on demand) pictures taken with PhotoBooth.

Later in the evening we called my brother via Skype and tested out the iSight functionality with the new Skype version and got to talk to my mom and stepdad. Jessalyn was trippin out how she could hear and see grandma and grandpa and everyone had a good time messing with it. Jess was waving at them and throwing them kisses. She kept mimicing my Mom which was pretty cool. I just hope Jessalyn doesnt think Grandma and Grandpa aren’t stuck inside the computer. My Mom is moving to Arizona next month so I wanted to show her how we can keep in touch using Skype and a webcam.

I attempted to transfer over my iTunes from my Windows Vista laptop to the Mac and for whatever reason the pathing to the files wernt the same (since the file systems are different). I tried to manually edit and mass find / replace all the paths to match the mac’s pathing but that only worked for a hand full of songs. I ended up removing all the broken files in itunes using some scripts and then manually added my whole collection. After doing that i ended up with about 1200 duplicate entries. It looks like I gotta manually go though and remove all the dupes.

Later on I began the massive task of installing World of Warcraft on the Mac, it took forever to grab all the old patches and get it installed. Tonight I’ll do the Burning Crusade install and patches.

Expect many posts about my journey through Mac land and all the cool stuff I figure out how to do with it. One of the first things I’m going to do is come up with a way to get iTunes to check for new podcasts at 6:00am then download them and kick off a sync to the ipod. All this can be done using Automator. I’ll document all this on the website. I’ll be sure to post a link to it once I get that sorted out.

Tomorrow we record another TuckerTales, I gotta get GarageBand configured and setup so we can do our recording. I also need to test the functionality of recording a skype call so I can record GeekFit without doing a double-ender with Steve.