New Years Day

Jen, Jess and I are PAR-TAY animals I tell ya. Yesterday I dropped the kids off at Isaacs Parent’s house (the kids Grand Parents) then hung out at home as well as did some shopping. Later in the day we went to Hollywood Video and rented some movies (Melinda & Melinda, The Dukes of Hazzard (Uncut) & Sahara). We watched Melinda & Melinda1/2 way though then Jen and Jess went to sleep at 10. I stopped the movie and popped in The Dukes of Hazzard but fro some reason the XBox didnt like the movie *shrug* so I didnt get to watch it. Around 11 I watched the ball drop, or a recording there of on the Rockin New Years with the new robot named Seacrest. Blah blah what ever… I changed it and saw Regis and his wife singing some song very Karaoke style and I guess I fell asleep on the couch before the PST ball dropped. Bah, whatever again.. Zonked out at 12 Jen woke up to gunfire. From what I gathered from my mother in law there is a cop that lives down the street and he may have been the one shooting the gun into the air (I doubt it since what comes up must come down, but still who knows). I didnt wake up to it so It didnt bother me any. Around 4am Jen woke up came into the living room to find me crashed out. I was told to go to bed, I dont recall how exactly but I got a drink of water and then crashed out on the bed.

This morning I woke up next to the lil love in my life shes such a wiggle worm and I heard Jen start the Durango and drive off. 1/2 hour later she came back and I work up again and snuck out of bed before Jess could realize I was gone. Jen was cooking her annual Creme Brule thingy that is yummers. We sat down and ate our brunch, just the 3 of us. Jen wanted to go to the store to buy a new salt container she broke, so I suggested we’d take a walk over there. We came back and took some pictures of Jess.

I tried out a new photoshop action that makes pictures look like old pull and peel Polaroids, so I gave it a shot on this pic.

Click the picture for more from our awesome party we had! 🙂