OC Podcasters December recap

Last night at the OC Podcasters meeting things went very well, we had DJ Steve Boyett speak about the methods he uses to podcast and how is podcast came to be. We have about 12 people at the event which is good for having a meeting in December, typically we have about 5 core people show us and we just BS for a few hours then go home. Lately we’ve been getting about 15-20 people showing up to our meetings if every person were to show up from the last 6 months we’d have about 25-30 total unique people I think.

Currently we’re planning our next meeting which will be at Sam Ash, I’ll be getting more info later and posting it on the OC Podcasters website. If your reading this and would like to speak at an upcoming meeting feel free to contact me, jason@ this domain or on twitter @jasontucker.


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