OC WordPress General Meeting 2/28/12

Last night I attended my OC WordPress meeting at Zeek Interactive in Huntington Beach. I hitched a ride with my friend Cindy Ronzoni, and talked it up doing our drive out from Whittier. Cindy is a treat to talk to, she’s a PR person that doesn’t mind me getting a bit geeky from time to time. She’s a curling fan, love TV and Movies and has a knack for talking to people. She knows her craft well which is something I admire and has worked with the most interesting clients. If you ever need a PR person give Cindy a ring, and tell her I set ya. </cheerleading>

Once we arrived at OCWP I had to setup my live stream setup. Last night I was debating on trying to get Camtwist setup but I ran out of time so I wasn’t about to record locally AND stream out to uStream. The video below is the downloaded .flv file that uStream.tv provides me. It’s a same that it looks kinda crappy due to the awful compression that occurs but I hope next meeting I can get Camtwist or some other solution to share the camera between apps. I’d imagine my i7 processor on my MacBook Pro with its multi cores can handle doing those 2 tasks at once. If you have any suggestions about this setup I’m crafting I’d love to hear them.

Current components:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910
    I use this to record the video on a tripod, lately I’ve been using the onboard mic with much success.
  • Soundmatters foxLv2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker System (Black)
    I’ve tried using this paired to my macbook pro as a sound input. It works but picks up the echo quite a bit from the vaulted ceilings in the room we meetup in. Aside from using this as a bluetooth mic it’s AWESOME as a speaker, the little guy bumps.
  • uStream.TV
    website in safari using their built in flash object to do the streaming.
  • CamTwist
    free software for doing all sorts of ninja like moves. They say it works with ustream and as a flash

Things I know I’m doing wrong:

  • Not having a paid starter account with uStream is limiting me to only doing SD content. It’s $99 a month for this but I dont see it being all that worth it if I can record the source video locally.
  • Downloading the streamed and recorded video from ustream, and uploading it to youtube. This file is of crap quality video with lackluster audio.
How am I going to fix it?
  • It really all boils down to the fact that I’m not recording locally. I want to end up splitting the output of my video feed to both ustream and a local video recording software.
  • I plan on working on this workflow before the next meeting and see about just using ustream as a streaming service and then taking my locally recorded file and uploading it to youtube in it’s 1080 native state.