Pet Peeve

So I have this Pet Peeve:

I HATE when people talk call a program by its creators name. For example “I was drawing this kickass picture in Adobe last night” Adobe is the SOFTWARE COMPANY that created Photoshop (and countless other products) so which one did the person use to draw “this kick ass picture”? Dunno, he didn’t specify. But their are terms that you can use that are ok.. like for instance Kleenex. This word is the replacement for tissue, and has been for ever. Ok, so I contradict myself a bit.. “I googled her and found out she’s a porn star” Google is the company, but using it as a verb is starting to be more common place. *shrug*

Well, for what its worth, stop calling it Adobe, you know damn well its Photoshop!

Can you think of any other products that people use the company name instead of the actual product name?