Pole Position

Brandon and his friend and I went to a GoKart raceway today. Its a place called PolePosition racerp2r.com in Corona, CA. For $23 you can race 14 laps ($18 if your a “member”) using karts that can go up to 45mph. The karts went very fast and I had a blast racing. I ended up getting 5th place (out of 12), Brandon in 10 and his friend Johnny in 8th place. My best lap was 29.60 consisting of 14 laps so the 23 buck experience lasted roughly 7 minutes. I wouldn’t mind taking a massive group with me and plopping down $45, $60 or $90 for some kickass 8 man racing. $45 gets you 14 lap qualifying and 16 lap race. $60 gets you 12 lap practice + 14 lap qualifier + 16 lap main event. $90 gets you 12 lap practice + 2 x 14 lap qualifiers + the 16 lap main event. The winner gets a medal or trophy. I think this would be a way kickass birthday party. Quite costly but way fun.

Below is a video and some pictures:

[gv data=”G-j4LnDC0i0″][/gv]

Jason and Brandon

DSC08977 DSC08976 DSC08975