Returned mail from Jail

As you all may already know my brother Brandon is currently in jail waiting for sentencing. I try to send him letters as often as I can but sometimes life gets in the way, ya know? My first couple of letters sent to him went with no problems at all. There is a lil bit of delay if the officer on duty thinks there is something not right about the letter and opens it before delivery. Most of the time they don’t open it if it passes the basic tests they run on them. They would usually just walk the sealed envelope to the inmate and have them open it in front of them. I got lazy one time I wrote him and just applied a “mail friendly” style sheet to my blog using Web Developer in FireFox. This stylesheet just make the text small and cleaned up the site to it would be print friendly. It did include the photos on the entries and with a bit of WordPress hackery I could tell it how many days I wanted to be displayed and have it print all of those for me. So I did that one time and it went fine, then a few weeks later I sent him another post, this time it included this picture:

I guess the correctional center doesn’t have a sense of humor *shrug*. So they mailed back the envelope and contents to me. The envelope had a little checkbox grid with “Inappropriate Material” checked off. I removed that entry from the collection and mailed it back to him. It passed with no problems. Next i tried to mail him a printed calendar generated from I mailed it early one week and two weeks later it was returned with “Other” marked as the reason for return. The thing is I mailed him about 4 of these things they were 2 sided with 6 months on each side each containing 2 years worth. So it was (2 x 4) x 2 = 16 sheets. Since it was soo many pages I divided them into 2 envelopes thinking the guards wouldn’t mind them since the envelope was flat and not fat. No dice… WTF is with these guards? I think I’m gunna try sending him 1 page and see if it passes. I havent tried calling the jail since I was attempting to send him more than he needed in calendars in hopes he could use them for trade or barter. Oh well, I’ll try again at a later date.

What all have you guys mailed to someone incarcerated that has been returned?