Speaking about routines in my previous post, I wanted to see what sort of routine you do daily. Here is a few of mine:

  • 10:30 I take my Water bottle to the kitchen and fill it 1/2 way (if I fill it I’ll never drink it all, but if I 1/2 way fill it I will end up drinking 2 halves)
  • 12:30 I usually take lunch, most of the time I end up listening to a podcast or catching up on CNN video or a Vidcast like DigitalLifeTV.
  • 1:30 Bathroom break
  • 3:30 (yeah 15 mins ago from when I started this post) I get change out of my drawer and go to the big break room and get a diet coke.
  • Between 4:55-5:20 Pack my stuff up (laptop, mouse & PDA placed in my backpack) and walk out towards my bosses office. I say “Have a good night Marc” to my boss and head out.

The 3:30 occurrence is what got me writing this post. It’s become a well known fact that I go to the “big break room” to get a soda EVERYDAY. How? I dunno, I guess people like watching me, I’m not sure. One time I was asked “When you go get your soda today, can you stop by and fix my computer speakers, they arn’t working?”.

Side Note

Another person told me “Oh, its Tea Time already? Cool, I only have 30 minutes left then”. WHAT?!?!! I’m someone else’s clock now? OMG.. Well, one day I tested that theory and pissed the person off. I went to the big break room at 2:30 and go my soda, headed back and I saw the lady get all excited like it was almost time to go home. I walked by, smiled and kept going. I never went to see if she got pissed or not but thats what you get for using me a clock!

So what is something that you do on a day to day that people are noticing? I’m curious.