Sam and Max have returned!

“Back in my day we played games in DOS”

c:\> cd samnmax
c:\> samnmax.exe

So Sam and Max have are hitting the streets again. For those of you not in the know, Sam is a dog and max is a rabbit like creature and they are both detectives. The story started in a comic book and LucasFilm Games made it into a point ‘n click action adventure. Man, I remember installing 8 or so 3.5″ disks into the computer to install the game then having to do some crazy code from the manual in order to play the game. From what I read the guys that made Sam and Max moved on and started TellTale Games and they are coming out with a new game.

Sam and Max will be released as an episodic adventure where you sign up for GameTap ($6.95 per month) and you’ll be able to play the game (GameTap has over 710 games on tap all avail for that one low price) and every new episode that comes out after that. You can read more about the episodic setup they are doing over at the games’ blog.

It will be cool to see how this game plays out. I’d also love to see some of the other old LucasFilm Games come back to life. I’ve lived me some Maniac Mansion, The Curse of Monkey IslandLOOM, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and my all time favorite Day of the Tentacle. Then again, all the SCUMM based games were badass and can still be played using the SCUMMVM player.