Second sunset timelapse from Arroyo Pescadero Trail

Second sunset timelapse from Arroyo Pescadero Trail

This time Jessalyn went with me to Arroyo Pescadero trail to shoot a timelapse of the sunset but this time from a different vantage point.

The area I was at yesterday was just in front of the circular structure and shot the timelapse through the clearing of trees. Today I thought I’d try something different and get up a little bit higher. It resulted in a better view of the LA skyline and some cool timelapse of the sun going down beside it.

So where is this place anyhow?

Arroyo Pescadero trail can be found across from Murphy Ranch baseball field and Whittier Area Community Church. It can be accessed from either north or south bound.

Here are the two areas that I shot from yesterday and today

Some iPhone photos during the shoot

What do you think? Have you taken any pictures here in the past? Let me know in the comments below.