Sick and tired

Tuesday I came home and felt like crap. I laid on the couch as each family member asked me “are you sick?” I didnt feel sick really, it felt more like I was tired and ‘out of sorts’. Later in the evening Jen told me to go to bed(I guess she got tired of me looking all sicklike) so I went up stairs and crashed out. Wednesday I didnt wake up until 10ish, I didnt tell my boss I was sick and there was an email from my boss waiting for me asking if I’m still alive. I replied around 10:30 telling him that I overslept due to sickness and I was still feeling like crap. I’ll be staying home today and hopefully be back the following day.

I lounged at home taking Maalox or whatever it is for my stomach. That pretty much made me feel worse since it does an overhaul on your stomach. I caught up on pretty much all the TV I could stand. Jess was soo excited to see Daddy was home and I played with her while trying to keep her from getting sick. It was sooooo nice to have a quiet house until THEY came home. Those darn kids with their laughing and fighting and crying and screaming… uggghhhh. Jen came home after doing whatever and then left again for softball. Jess was all out of wack and didnt want to play or be nice. Chris noticed this and took her upstairs to play so I could chill for a while in quiet. I had a massive headache and my tummy hurt too so Jess’ screeming and loud laughing wasnt helping with the headache much.

I put Jess down around 9 and then Jen came home, we watched some TV then we both went to bed. When I woke up this morning I felt 1000 times better so hopefully I’ll be all good for today.

I got word that my iMac has been repaired. I heard about this from 2 different sources, one from the Mac Genius that lives in his car “Hi Andy!” and the other from apple directly. I plan to pick up the computer today during my lunch break. Maybe now Jen and I can get the next TuckerTales Podcast recorded and posted.

Have a good day, and stay away from the sick people!