#SSSVEDA 004 - Favorite activity and season in your city?

Today’s question for #SSSVEDA was “What is your favorite activity and season in your city?” watch the video for my answer!

Quick sidenote:

Today I did something different, I transcribed my video on YouTube to make a corrected version of the autogenerated closed captioning that YouTube generate. Below is the transcribed version of what was said on the video.

Hey whats up this is Jason Tucker for jasontucker.blog and today’s #SSSVEDA question is was my favorite activity or thing I like to do in my city.

Well I live in the city of Whittier California and we don’t really have seasons, California doesn’t have seasons you know? We do have seasons but they don’t really change all that much. We don’t have snow, we do have earthquakes. Some people say we have “earthquake seasons” but let’s see here.. so the things I like to do. I live close to Disneyland so we had annual passes we would go to Disneyland.  I also enjoy going to the park with my daughter, doing that and another activity I enjoy doing is bike riding with my daughters as well as bike riding around the block long and distances down to the beach and stuff. I’d have to say bike riding is probably the thing that I really like the most.  Well that is a my answer to my question for today, if you want to check out some of my videos and stuff that I do. I do some photography work as well as time-lapse photography is which have been using as my an opening videos for this vlog here so go take a look at those and check them out alrighty, talk to you next time. Buh bye