The Beer Belly says:

Look, long ago we realized that guys with beer bellies have more fun. But since we didn’t sport beer bellies of our own, we decided to take matters into our own hands, er…belly.

The result? A removable spare tire that also serves a stealth beverage. So now you can not only sport the look that’s legit to the touch (and the frisk), but you can also enjoy a tasty beverage wherever you want, whenever you want!

Ok, someone is going to become pretty damn rich off of this idea. It allows you to sport a beerbelly thats FULL of drinkable beer. Think of it as a reverse catheter (actually don’t.. thats a horrible analogy) that has a sipper connected to a tube that connects to the blatter. Kind of like the Camel packs that bike riders use on their long rides. I don’t drink beer, and I don’t watch sports.. yup this product isn’t for me at all 🙂