The eve of christmas eve.

Our office isnt shipping anything for the next week, they are doing the inventory in the warehouse so any order placed wont ship until everything is counted. The office has been nuts the last few days; Secret Santa games, drawings for some decent loot and lots and lots of xmas snacks. When I came in to my office this morning my desk had about five or six different presents on it. Either people like me, or they dont want me to take away their internet access (or they are asking for larger monitors!) I just came back from lunch (and a run to Staples to buy a much needed magenta color toner cartridge that they ended up not having) and won a house of a christmas village. I have no clue what scale it is, or if it will go with anything Jen or my Mom have but it was cool to win something.

Today Jen has been working on more xmas goodies and I’d imagine it will continue on until late tonight. Tomorrow is Xmas Eve, we’ll be driving aroundall over to see family, then Xmas day will include more driving and more seeing family. Then I have Monday off, I have no clue what is going to happen on that day, all I know is there is no work which is something I need right now. I’ll most likely be hanging out playing with the kids and their new toys and putting together all the stuff they get.