Things I wish I could do more

Things I wish I could do more

I’ve been thinking a bit about things I wish I did more and could do more, here is my running list.


Back when we had Disneyland passes we ended up walking all over the place there, now that we don’t our walking around (and eating random foods there) has declined. I’d love to start walking in the evening again, something we should have done during the summer months but it’s still doable. Excuses wise our neighborhood has poor lighting and no sidewalks so walking with yellow crossing guard vests and flashing lights is what we’d have to do to save ourselves from neighbors texting while driving their SUVs in and around the neighborhood.

Now that it’s getting cooler I want to ride my bike more, earlier this year I was riding with a few co-workers and enjoyed it. I’d also like to start riding to work again with the time change recently its far too dark to ride at night the 8 miles home from work in the dark. Once the time evens out a bit I’ll get back to it.


I know right? I’m blogging about not blogging so I could blog on my blog about blogging. I have a feeling there is going to be an underlining trend in this blog post about not having much to say yet feeling like I want to share stuff with people. I know it sounds weird but at one point in my life I use to blog daily about all the happenings in my life now it seems like things are so mundane that I don’t have much to talk about when I guess I really do. I work for a non-profit as an IT Manager that also manages the network infrastructure as well as the web developer of our websites. There is a bunch in there that I could share and I have but I feel like I’m being over technical so I’m limiting my audience. I’m also under the impression that I’ve overthinking this.


I love the idea of sharing what I do but as I describe above I’m not sure I do things that are all that exciting. I use to vlog back in the day:

Now I mainly create videos on YouTube for my channel WPwatercooler. I record two times a week, Mondays at 11:00am -8 UTC for the show WPwatercooler and again on Thursday’s at 7:30 -8 UTC for WPblab. I wouldn’t mind circling back and vlogging again like I did back in the day.


I love photography especially time lapses. With a timelapse you need to anticipate what you’ll end up shooting and then dial your settings in so that things work out during the shoot. With sunset timelapses it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to how they will turn out which make for some fun experimentation. Now that the weather is getting somewhat cooler around here we’ll end up with more clouds in the sky and the chance of capturing some fun timelapses involving clouds will take place. I’m stoked to get back into it when timer permits.


I don’t read books and it shows in my writing. I tend to read blogs and news websites along with documentation but I don’t ever read fiction or non-fiction books. With an iPad and dead tree books around here I should but “never find the time” to sit down and read one. It’s sad really and it is something I need to change. I do love listening to audiobooks but Jen says that isn’t “reading” which I agree but is pretty efficient way to devour a book like royalty would.

In conclusion

I’d say that “life gets in the way” which come to think of it, life can’t get in the way of life. I need to just man up and start doing the things and have some hobbies and enjoy what I have in front of me. What things are on your list?