Timelapse 4K Arroyo Pescadero Trail Whittier, CA

Timelapse 4K Arroyo Pescadero Trail Whittier, CA
Just to the left of the sun you can just barely make out DTLA

Today I went back up to WACC to see if I could take some daylight pics of the sights from up high. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to photograph (no clouds or anything out). I realized what time it was and drove across the street to the Arroyo Pescadero Trail in hopes that I could get a picture of the sunset. With sunset happening at 8PM at it being 7:00PM I thought I’d make my way over and get a location scouted out.

I hiked up about 50 yards and started looking around, I’ve been to this trail in the past but I didn’t remember the layout of it. North I saw a cliff with a great place to overlook up high. Perfect! I make my way up there.



This one is directly above WACC

I ended up taking the kit and very plastic Panasonic tripod and got it leveled up using the level bubbles on it. Once I did that I located the panaramic function using the left wheel and then took a picture of 2 sides Whittier that I could see.

This one is pointed towards South Whittier

I setup my camera (using the stock kit lens) to take a picture every 20 seconds for 500 frames. My DMC-G7KK gave me an estimate of 8:30 being when it was done. I knew I couldn’t stay that long and knowing I can stop it at any time anyhow I left it that way.

Since I don’t know much about ISO, f-stop, aperture and exposure yet so I setup the camera to do a sunset scene preset and pointed the camera at the sun. At first I notice how bright it was so I tried out my circular polarized lens from the kit and gave that a try. Along with the hood on I pointed the camera and set a decent place to focus on (DTLA) and started the time lapse. Once it was done I used the in-camera 4K rendering to MP4 and uploaded that to YouTube

If you have any comments or criticisms I’d love to hear it. Tips on doing a better job of making a timelapse are welcomed too 🙂