Top 5 ways to promote your live stream like a Pro

Here is my top five list of ways to promote your live stream like a pro, these tactics have helped me, hopefully they will help you!

5. Promote the day of the event to remind people of your event

Start posing on the social networks and let people know about your event, remember not everyone lives in your timezone so specify the time zone you are referencing. Some people like to quote tweets instead of retweeting, making you tweets short leaving room for the @name of the person quoting and allows them a bit of space for additional commentary.

When I send these types of updates out I hit the big 4: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

4. Cheat a little and schedule your social network updates before your event

I use HootSuite for managing my clients social networks and began using it for my own updates. Scheduling is built-in to HootSuite so you can set a few before the time of the event with ease. HootSuite has a great write-up on this.

3. Stagger your social networking blasts

HootSuite enables you to send the same updates to each of the social networks it may be a good idea to stagger the updates so you don’t make your followers mad.

2. Ask others to help out

Promoting is a pain by yourself but asking your friends to help can ease this pain. About an hour before your live stream ask people to help you promote, give them sample text to use in their status update that are formated correctly and already has the tracking links that HootSuite provides you. On my show WPwatercooler I ask my panelists to help send out some tweets, Facebook updates and google+ updates to inform people of our upcoming stream. This helps me get the word out and this lets me focus on what is importing, getting the stream up and running. When your stream does start keep new people coming to the stream by mentioning the topics you are discussing, ask your guests to put in some retweets or posts of their own.

1. Email Newsletters

Anyone that tells you Email is dead is wrong. Email newsletters keep your viewers informed of upcoming show topics and let them know the show has been recorded and is now available to watch at their leisure. There are plenty of email campaign companies but my favorite by far is the one with the cute chimp, MailChimp. They have free accounts and you can upgrade later once your list gets too big or you need more features. I schedule email campaigns once a week after the show has been posted, I’ll soon will be sending emails an hour before the show streams live too.

That’s my top five list, what sort of promoting do you do before your live streams?

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