Transforming Our Kitchen: From Outdated to Outstanding

I’ve been working on our latest home improvement adventure. We've taken a big leap in transforming our kitchen, and I can't wait to share the progress with you all. We've recently converted our stove top to a sleek gas range and said goodbye to our old wall oven. But what to do with the space it left behind? That's where our latest challenge lies.

The Journey So Far:
Our journey started with replacing our 1960s gas stove top with a gas range, a decision that has already elevated our cooking experience. Then came the removal of the wall oven. While it served us well, it was time for an upgrade. Now, we're left with a cavity that screams potential!

The Big Challenge:
The empty space where the oven once lived poses an interesting challenge. It's a sizable area that could easily turn into wasted space if not utilized properly. So, we brainstormed, and what better way to fill this space than with a functional, stylish storage solution for Jen’s pots and pans?

How’s it’s looking right now

Designing the Perfect Storage:
When it comes to kitchen storage, accessibility and aesthetics are key. We envision a slide-out storage unit that not only looks good but makes it incredibly easy to access everything. Imagine not having to reach all the way to the back of a deep shelf – that's the convenience we're aiming for!

Slide-Out Storage Solutions:
We're exploring various slide-out units. These nifty solutions use the depth of the cavity effectively, ensuring that every inch is utilized. With features like smooth gliding mechanisms and sturdy build, they promise to make rummaging through pots and pans a thing of the past.

Maybe something like this

It in use

Shelving that Makes Sense:
Along with slide-out units, we're considering installing a couple of shelves on sliders. This would be particularly useful for storing bulkier items. Adjustable shelving could also be a great addition, offering the flexibility to accommodate different sizes and shapes.

Finishing Touches:
We're also planning to add a false wall or a similar feature to cover up the back wall. This will not only give the space a cleaner look but also help in seamlessly blending the new storage with the existing kitchen layout.

We Need Your Input:
Now, this is where I turn to you, my awesome readers. Do you have suggestions for slide-out units? Know any great places to find them? Or maybe you’ve seen some inspiring kitchen storage solutions? Drop your ideas and links in the comments or on socials – we'd love to see them!

Before and After – Stay Tuned:
Keep an eye out for our next post, where we’ll share some before and after photos of this kitchen transformation. It's going to be quite the reveal!