Twitter Updates for 2009-01-19

Downloading Windows 7.. gunna try it in vmware or virtualbox or something. # Love wait wait don't tell me. # Use boxee? I do, lets be friends: # Looking for more Boxee friends # Looking at a way to hackup boxee's main screen so it doesnt hide the left sidebar... annoying #…Read More

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-12

I hate "Attention! Someone Signed Your Guestbook Last Month" why cant people just be on facebook? I dont wanna spend $ to see. # View of the mnts from my car as I'm getting in it to head home. # Traffic sucks. # - Following mac rumors live on my iPhone. #…Read More

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-05

Man, going into work after 5 days off is rough. # forgot to renew / pay godaddy for . Just paid them the annual domain fee so it should be back up in a few hours i suppose. # Wife's WD MyBook 1TB Essential drive failed on her. I dont think I'll be buying…Read More

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-29

Get your favorite geek some Wil Wheaton audio books DRM free and in digital format. would love to hear both some day. # Checking out twitterfon. Nice lightweight twitter app for iPhone. Thanks Scott for bringing it to my attention. # Heading home. # At target seconds before it closed. Fixed tiffs computer…Read More

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-22

GeekFit Post:: Transplants and Shoes # Water in the form of drops is falling from the sky at an alarming rate. Should californians be worried? # The 605 N is slammed, I may not get to work until 10 at this rate. # I'm at Kaydel Rd & Mardel Ave, Avocado Heights, CA 90601,…Read More