Twitter Updates for 2008-06-10

  • Playing outside with Jess, talking to the neighbor about our new car and the elephant in the room, gas prices. #
  • Watching jess play with her friend. The other friend ran off so they are playing nice together. Wow other peoples kids are annoying. #
  • Watching Beowulf on the computer, pretty decent movie. 3/4 into it. #
  • Tuesday… sorry I dont have a song to sing about it like I did on monday. #
  • @Billyhime video recorder #
  • I wonder how crowded the metrolink station is parking wise in Norwalk at 8am? Anyone in Norwalk CA ride the metrolink? #
  • listening to chuck and kreg on technorama at a nut factory. I’ll leave the comedy to them. #
  • Planning my trip to downtown LA tomorrow morning, I’m going to take the metrolink I think. #
  • @Goodeye Sharing the gift of weird naked 30 year olds in their mom’s basements i see 🙂 #