Twitter Updates for 2008-10-11

  • Recording live:
    [qik] – Chris 12 b day party #
  • Recording live:
    [qik] – Chris 12 b day party #
  • Rockband rant #1: WTF is with the short cables? How lame is it that they give you a hub ($5) and it has a 3 inch cord on it. Annoying. #
  • Jess feels left out in rockband so I got her one of my mics to play with #
  • – The family playing rockband #
  • – More rockband #
  • Backing up @jentucker computer using time machine. I’m using a 1TB drive broken up into 2 partitions, media & time machine. works good. #
  • @billpalmer looking forward to it man. #
  • Grr.. Caitlin isnt even singing the right words to these songs… the damn lyrics are on the screen… wtf? #
  • Awake. Don’t tell anyone but after evry1’s bed time I owned at rockband both guitar and drums. #
  • iPhoto is annoying with this Kodak easyshare camera. it hate doing anything with the videos i record on it. I’m using imagecapture instead #
  • Going to the park with jess then to Hollywood to work at @billpalmer place. Later were going to crystal method concert. #