Updating the Mustang

Lately I’ve been having to defrost the car (the 66 mustang) for a few mins before leaving in the morning. Not only do i need to wipe down the windows on the outside, but the inside as well. Fustrated with this I was checking out the car yesterday and it looks like the weatherstripping is just going to hell. Its like leaving the windows down all night. So I did some research and found some prices on parts for it. Another issue I have is when I go get the car washed. They have to put tape over the seals so water doesnt get in. Lame… this needs to be corrected. So I updated my “projects” area of my site and listed the things I wanna do to the car. Some way realistic and some will be down right crazy and require crazy $$$. Oh yeah I also want an FM radio! 🙂


Stage 1: Weatherstripping & a mirror
1966 Standard Outside Mirror 22.95
1965-66 Coupe LH Quarter Window Seal 10.95
1965-66 Coupe RH Quarter Window Seal 10.95
1965-66 Door Glass Adjustment Hole Seals 9.95
1965-66 Coupe/Convertible Quarter Panel to Quarter Window Seal 9.95
1965-66 Glove Box Liner 11.95
  Subtotal: 65.75
1965-66 Coupe/Convertible Beltline Seal Kit 49.95
  Subtotal: 115.70
  Total: 181.45