So I was reading Jason Toney’s blog and he mentioned a new word “Vingle” and I thought “WTF is a vingle? Is it the name of a new song? Is it a type of song? What is it?”. So today I was looking on iTunes for a podcast I wanted to watch and saw this link for “Beep – Vingle – The Pussycat Dolls” still confused I gave it a click and it turns out a Vingle is a Video Single. Mr. Toney was right “Word I hope never catches on: Vingle”. What is it with us Americans wanting to do word mashups? Brangelina, Jayeonce (ok I made that one up), LiLo (Lindsay Lohan), and countless other celeb take- the- first- part- of- one- persons- name- and- the- rest- of- the- second- persons- name- to- make- a- new- one. I mean really, do they need to come up with a new mashed up word to describe a single video sold with the music single? At least with the DualDisc format its both DVD and CD (one on one side, one on another) and back in the day they had “Enhanced CD” to describe a CD that had video and other crap mixed in to the cd and they didn’t come up with some crappy name for either of those.
For the love of all things tech, please don’t use the word “Vingle” to describe a “single” and a video sold together or I’ll disown you 🙂